What are the functions of the Director of the Teacher’s Education FP?

Functions of the Director of the FP:

  • Resolving the doubts that the student has during the whole process.
  • Reviewing and providing feedback to the student regarding the different submissions of the FP.
  • Assessing the appropriateness of the FP’s topic depending on the study program in which the student is enrolled.
  • Providing the indications and guidelines necessary so that the FP meets the minimum academic quality standards that are required.
  • Ensuring that the student does not commit plagiarism.
  • In case it is required, to participate in the Evaluation Court of the FP.

These are not functions of the Director of the FP:

  • Choosing the topic that the student has to develop in the FP.
  • Making the bibliographic searchings for the student’s project. The student can ask the Director for bibliographic references related to the topic on which the student’s is basing the FP.
  • Explaining methodological procedures to perform field studies, statistical analysis and interpretation of results.
  • Making spelling, writing or format corrections on the documents submitted by the student.
  • Submitting to the student, in case of plagiarism, the plagiarized content in the FP’s progresses or in the final document. If the Director of the PF detects at least two partially copied or verbatim contents, excluding the correct citations, the review of the final project will be suspended in order for the student to correct the situation.